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Carrie A Weaver is a former Chief People Officer and currently the CEO of Silver Branch Consulting, a leadership development firm that supports emerging executive women looking to land their dream job and ultimately up-level to the C-Suite.



Since 2017, Carrie & her team have coached career professionals to "Hack Their Interview" at an 80% success rate - meaning 4 out of 5 interview coaching clients receive an offer from their NEXT interview engagement after implementing the skills you're about to learn!



Carrie has helped her clients land lucrative offers at major companies including Amazon, Bloomberg, Capital One, and Nike. 🙌🏼



In this workshop, Carrie will teach you her trademarked methodology for delivering the perfectly structured interview response, plus how to craft and build your unique value proposition statement so you stand out as a best-fit candidate!



About Carrie A. Weaver: Carrie spent 15 years in the Human Resources field in start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies, ending as a Chief People Officer. She has interviewed thousands of professionals and knows what makes a good interview. Carrie is also a dual-certified executive coach, and the creator and master trainer behind two signature development programs: Interview Hacker and Break Into the C-Suite, which is a revolutionary group coaching program for emerging executive women. Carrie holds a Master's degree from Arizona State University and certifications in several developmental frameworks including MBTI, Hogan, Energy Leadership, and Situational Leadership.

Interview Hackers Are Saying...

I think my interview went really well! It was my first formal interview in almost 6 years, but I’ve been having informational interviews for months now. The problem/solution approach was game-changing.

- Alex




I watched half of the video yesterday and LOVED it. It’s the exact type of tactical advice and strategies I need. I’m looking forward to putting together my Value Proposition and examples using your I-CYA format - it actually makes me sort of excited to interview!

- Carolyn




Very specific examples and tips. Really helpful. 

- Sudha



Thanks so much, Carrie! I appreciate the great positioning. Now I just have to perfect my Value Proposition! Thanks again for the great information!

- Alexis



I love your value proposition framework! Thank You!

- Iris



What you said at the end about moving towards something with intention vs. moving away from a bad situation really resonated with me, thank you.

- Marci